Confirmed Speakers

Click to view photos of some of the speakers at the conference.

Below is the list  speakers for the conference.

You can make a donation if you would like to help defray the costs especially of international travel to get overseas guests to Australia – call 1800 634 206 (free call in Australia).

Please note: The speaking codes relate to the session or workshop times – please see the agenda for more info.

    • Adamson, Dr Greg: Australian chair of Society on Social Implications of Technology; Speaking: SAW03
    • Alamgir, Fahreen: Youth Forum of Bangladesh Workers Party, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: MOW34
    • Angus, Ian: editor (Canada); Speaking: SUP03, SUW23, MOPM
    • Arnold, Dr Michael: University of Melbourne, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology; Speaking: SAW03
    • Arultchelvan, S.: secretary general Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM); Speaking: SAW08, SUW21, ­­­SUP04
    • Augustine, Rodney: Walmadan Country Is Calling spokesperson, Keep Kimberley; Speaking: SUW16
    • Baer, Dr Hans: senior lecturer Melbourne University; Speaking: SUW12, SUW24
    • Bamblett, Dotty: Save Ballerrt Mooroop College campaign; Speaking: SUW13
    • Bellamy Foster, John: editor Monthly Review, author & lecturer at University of Oregon (US);Speaking: FRPM, MOW26, MOTU
    • Betzien, Jody: AMWU organiser, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW11
    • Bhathal, Alex: PhD researcher, and National Climate Campaigner, Australian Green; Speaking: MOW29
    • Bolton, Sue: Refugee Action Coalition Victoria, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW17
    • Boyle, Peter: Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUP04
    • Bradford, Sue: former Greens MP now member of Mana Party (Aotearoa/NZ); Speaking: SUP04
    • Bunting, Dr Andrea:  Former academic in sustainable energy; sustainability consultant; and psychology student. Member of Psychology for a Safe Climate; Speaking: MOW29
    • Butler, Simon: Green Left Weekly co-editor, co-author Too Many People? Is the world overpopulated?; Speaking: SAW10
    • Coghill, Dr Ken: Associate Professor at Monash University; Speaking: SUW18
    • Courtice, Ben: Friends Of the Earth, editor of Blind Carbon Copy blog; Speaking: SAP02
    • Cunich, Simon: filmmaker of Growing Change, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SAW09, MOFILM
    • Curr, Pamela: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre; Speaking: SUW17
    • Dobson, Tim: Community Voice, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: MOW33
    • Emanuel, Dr Kamala: Safe Climate Perth, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW12
    • Evans, Rachel: Community Action Against Homophobia, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: MOW32
    • Fadel, Kamal: Western Sahara’s representative in Australia; Speaking:
    • Flenady, Liam: Resistance; Speaking: SUW12
    • Fletcher, Jay: Green Left Weekly journalist, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW19
    • Francis, Robyn: Permaculture Australia; Speaking: SAW09
    • Fuentes, Federico: author of Bolivia Rising blog, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW18
    • Goldner, Sally: TransGender Victoria; Speaking: MOW32
    • Gooden, Tim: secretary Geelong Trades and Labour Council, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: MOW28
    • Green, Jacinta: water scientist, Stop CSG Sydney; Speaking: SUW16
    • Green, Jim: Friends of the Earth; Speaking: SAW02
    • Hawkins, Trent: Beyond Zero Emissions; Speaking: SUW22
    • Hawtin, John: Resistance; Speaking: SAW01
    • Hejazy, Dr Mahmoud : Egyptian democracy activist; Speaking: SUW21
    • Holmes, Dave: Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW22
    • Hutton, Drew: president Lock The Gate Alliance; Speaking: SUW16
    • Iltis, Tony: Green Left Weekly journalist, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW24
    • Jorquera, Jorge: Chile solidarity activist; Speaking MOW30
    • Karamoskos, Peter: Medical Practitioners Against War; Speaking: SAW02
    • Kennedy, Simba C: Ygender; Speaking: MOW32
    • Kerin, Dave: Earthworker Cooperative; Speaking: SUW15, MOW28
    • Krishnan, Balrama: Earthworker Cooperative; Speaking: SUW15
    • Lawson, Timothy: editor Lots Wife, Monash University students newspaper; Speaking: SUW19
    • Lee, Jade: Stop Lynas campaign; Speaking MOW36
    • Loh, Angeline: refugee rights advocate for ALIRAN, a human rights organisation in Malaysia; Speaking: SUW17
    • Long, Colin: Victorian Secretary NTEU, Victorian Greens; Speaking: SUW11
    • Maclellan, Nic: independent journalist and Pacific solidarity activist; Speaking: SUW14
    • Maklad, Reham: April 6 Movement (Egypt); Speaking: SUW21
    • Mansell-McKenna, Nala: Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre; Speaking: SAP01, SUW13
    • Masterman-Smith, Dr Helen: senior lecturer Charles Sturt University, NSW Vice-president NTEU; Speaking: SAW01
    • Matthews, Graham: Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW22
    • McGill, John: Left Unity; Speaking: MOW33
    • McKenzie, Sophie: Deakin University, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology; Speaking: SAW03
    • McMahon, Bob: Tasmanians Against the Pulp Mill; Speaking: SAW04
    • Meacher, Steve: Healesville Environment Watch, Climate Emergency Network; Speaking: SAW04
    • Mohideen, Reihana: international secretary Partido Lakas ng Masa (Philippines); Speaking: SAW03, SUO04, MOW34
    • Moore, Jess: Stop CSG Illawarra, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SAW05
    • Moro, Piergiorgio: Australia-Asia Worker Links union convenor; Speaking: SAP01
    • Morrison, Jessica: Executive Officer for the  Australia Palestine Advocacy Network; Speaking: SUW24
    • Nichols, Dick: Green Left European desk; Speaking: MOW38
    • Ogge, Mark: Beyond Zero Emissions; Speaking: SAP02
    • Parker, John: Secretary Gippsland Trades and Labour Council; Speaking: SAW01
    • Pisey, Ly: Social Action for Change (Cambodia); Speaking: MOW32
    • Prakash, Jude:  Tamil community activist; Speaking SAW10
    • Price, Susan: Socialist Alliance, NSW vice-president (General Staff) NTEU; Speaking: SAW01, MOW28
    • Qadir, Sonia:  human rights lawyer (Pakistan); Speaking: SUW21, MOW31
    • Quint, Veronika: Queenscliff & Surf Coast Rural Australians for Refugees; Speaking SUW17
    • Ride, Carol: psychologist; convenor of Darebin Climate Action Now and founder of Psychology for a Safe Climate; Speaking: MOW29
    • Roden, Duncan: Resistance, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SAP01
    • Sabawi, Samah: public advocate Australians For Palestine; Speaking: SAP01
    • Sahadevan, Joethi: lecturer in communications, Taylors University (Malaysia); Speaking: SUW19
    • Sambo, Kylie: Muckaty traditional owner and hip hop artist from Tennant Creek in the NT; Speaking: SAW06
    • Sophea, Chrek: Social Action for Change (Cambodia); Speaking: MOW27
    • Sopheap, Sao: Social Action for Change (Cambodia); Speaking: MOW34
    • Sparrow, Jeff: editor Overland magazine; Speaking: SUW19
    • Spratt, David: co-author of Climate Code Red, researcher for CarbonEquity; Speaking: SUW11
    • Stokes, Dianne: Warumungu and Warlmanpa woman and Muckaty traditional owner; Speaking: SAW06
    • Sundaralingam, Dr Bobby: Tamil community activist; Speaking: SAW10
    • Tariq, Farooq:  spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan, author Facing the Musharraf Dictatorship; Speaking: SAP01, MOW31
    • Teuira, Mariella: Ballertt Mooroop campaign; Speaking: SUW13
    • Van der Muelen, Luke: Victorian president of the Mining and Energy Division of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union; Speaking: SAW01
    • Wainwright, Sam: Fremantle City Councillor, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: MOW33
    • Walker, Cam: Friends of the Earth; Speaking: SUW16
    • Wall, Derek: Green Party of England & Wales; Speaking: SUP04
    • Wasley, Nat: Beyond Nuclear Initiative, No Waste Alliance; Speaking: SAW06
    • Weedall, Gemma: Climate Emergency Action Network SA, Resistance, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SUW11, SUW25
    • Williams, Chris: Stop CSG Illawarra, Socialist Alliance; Speaking: SAW05
    • Wynter, Dr Coral: Socialist Alliance, co-author of Voices from Venezuela; Speaking: MOW27

Click to view photos of some of the speakers at the conference.


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